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Don't overlook this link for more books on bowls coaching.
Title Gyrostatic Technique
Link (*See Synopsis) Click Performance Lawn Bowls, then 'Theory' on left-hand menu followed by 'Gyrostatic Theory' at end of 'Theory' article. Repeat with other 3 sections.
Author Macka Jensen
First published 2005
List price Gratis
Number of pages 26
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None None 8
Synopsis *I'm aware that this site is down, perhaps permanently, but this page will be retained for historical reasons. Another site that describes the Gyrostatic Technique is this one.

Recognised as a highly qualified Australian lawn bowls coach Macka Jensen has developed many unique coaching and training methods including his 'Gyrostatic Delivery Technique' to which the above details relate.

Details of the technique are explained in sections on theory, delivery, dynamics and aiming line that are accessible by following the path under 'Link' above.

The ebook is in portable document file (PDF) format and requires installation of the free Adobe Reader program.

Apart from the 'Gyrostatic Delivery Technique', there's a wealth of useful and free coaching material on this site, and submitting your name and email address will entitle you to receive the latest news from Macka's coaching clinic and regular site updates.